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Culture is an illusion that allows us to envisage a stage with music, theatre, drama and art. It grants us an identity that steps a far from the labels. It breaks through the definitions. O.P. Jindal Global University promoting this very spirit has created an annual cultural fest called “Biswamil.” The inspiration has been borrowed from the colloquial term for the 20th mile. It is a landmark destination that lies 20 miles away from the capital city of India, New Delhi. The university desires to synthesise the ethnicity that lies in the vicinity with the novelty within the ambit of the university. It is a platform which is lined with the rustic charm of the rural India and the vibrance of the student life.

This idea has been thematised under the concept of “Mela” portraying the various spinning colours of the Ferris wheel, the excited chimes of laughter, the mirth, the joy and, the balloons soaring high up in the sky. This theme has been encapsulated in the various events that are being organised by all the societies of the University. The fest will be as joyful and colourful as one of those thoroughly enjoyed local fairs. The events and competitions will be centred around the theme, bringing in nothing but the kind of delight which leaves an impact for a lifetime.

Biswamil will construe of events from various societies. The music society would be organising four flagship events and one side events. This would consist of Battle of bands, Indian solo, Western solo, Unplugged and A Capella. In addition, the theatre society plans to enthral the crowd with nukaad natak, stage play, monologue, stand up comedy, mad ads and, air crash. The dance society plans to bedazzle with group dance and solo dance. To add a twist to all the jazz we would also be organising Fashion Show. Finally, the extravaganza will be ended with quiz and literary and fine arts events.

Biswamil 2014 was a monumental success. It attracted 600 students from across the nation and our neighbour nation Pakistan.

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