Cresindo 2k15

Ticket Category Price (Rs) Quantity Amount (Rs.)
Overall Registration 1000 0
On stage events 200 0
Off stage events 100 0
Non participants 100 0
TOTAL (Rs.)     0

Event Description

"Cresindo 2k15"

With a record of 103 colleges participating in Cresindo last year, it's back as Cresindo 2k15 this year on the 10 and 11 september. 

More cash prizes, mega events, gift vouchers and a lot more awaiting this time.

Our aim is to be better than last time and beat out own record of 103 colleges!

That is only possible with your help.

Come, participate, win and take home some good times and good memories :) 

Contact The College Fever
  • +91 9742350056
Contact The host
  • Yash Sundrani
  • 8095887279

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