International Festival 2015

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“Educational exchanges constitute an important instrumentality for us to reach out to young people overseas for optimum generation of goodwill”. – ICCR, Govt. of India in this context, Gandhi Group of Institution, Gunupur has been significantly contributing in achieving the objective of the Govt. of India. 

Gandhi Group of institution – with its flagship “Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology” (GIET, Gunupur) is the only college in eastern in India to have foreign students for seven foreign countries namely: Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now, GGI, Gunupur is one of the best alternatives for foreign students to pursue higher technical and professional educational and become a professional complete globally.

The International students Festival is organized with the following objectives:

1. To foster better relations among students representing various nation of the world

2. To learn about and to educate our peers about the history of educational relation as a whole.

3. To help international students with the best possible environment to succeed at GGI.

4. To serve as gathering of people who are interested in multiple-culture and multiple language.

5. TO bring students gathering from different background and experience and have every learn and experience different culture in various way.

6. To celebrate the diversity and richness of the various culture.

7. To provide a support network for students of varied heritage and to promote integration of students with in the student body.

8. To strive to give back: our time, our money and our hearts.


Events in Gunupur :

1. Food and music festival and cultural exposition.

2. Seminar concerning the various countries

3. Fashion show and various display of life, clothing and artwork.

4. Film viewing, guest speaker, and field trips.

5. Interacting with guest speaker.

6. Speaker, film viewing and event that explore the facets of various culture in the past, present and future.

7. Drawing different countries pictures, painting, giving presentation and inviting members.

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