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Lakshya 15 is a 3-day Fest, going to be celebrated on 5th 6th 7th February, where jubilations will be a blend of Knowledge, Awareness and Fun. 5th February will be the day of the highlight of our 3-day Event – “Rendezvous-The Meet”. Eminent Speakers from varied technical and entrepreneurial background will guide us through the journey of development and enhancement of skills and the approach towards attaining its zenith. “Rendezvous-The Meet” will be accompanied with “HR Summit” (Student Internship Program) and other fun events too.6th February will be the day when everyone will pick up broomsticks and participate in "Clean L.D. campaign" with felicitation of Sweepers (Safai Kaamdaars) of our college proceeded by Technical events, Non-Technical Events which will be followed by the inception of NGO-“Elixir-Gifting Lives”.7th February will be the day of continuation of all the technical and non-technical events which will be accompanied by branch wise events, live events etc.

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