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Nu-Tech ever since its inception has grown from being technical festival of Nirma University to being the Gujarat’s largest Techno-Management Colloquium of its kind. With annual footfall of over 10000 and an outreach of 500 colleges across India. Nu-Tech has extended its wings into many diverse technical genres that exist, these ranges from bringing latest exhibits to getting renowned speakers to motivate the youth. This time a one of its kind new initiative will begin that will be JOB-MELA, where students and industries both will get a common platform. Festival consists of technical events of all branches, workshops, paper presentation, non-technical events and fun events as well as IT-expo and management events.


Events in Ahmedabad :

Events details-

 Chemology

 Civilion

 Code-o-Crates

 EC-Tronics

 Electrospark

 Mechatrix

 Think-IC

 Robotics

 Paper Presentation

 Poster Presentation

 IManage

 Noesis

 Fun-Events



 Animagica(3-D animation)

 Touch1.0(Surface Computing)

 Antenna Design

 Touchbotics

 Htri Computing

 Cyber Forensics

 Robotics Workshops

 And many more to be added






 IT-Expo

 Exhibits

 Job Mela

 Lecture Series

 Fun Zone

 Food Festival

 Technical Night

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