Ticket Category Price (Rs) Quantity Amount (Rs.)
Registration for colleges in Bangalore 3000 0
Registration for out station colleges
(Accommodation for the Outstation college is complementary)
3500 0
TOTAL (Rs.)     0

Event Description

General Rules and Regulations

·      Colleges must register online on or before 1st February 2015.

·      The fest will be conducted on 3rd and 4th February 2015.

·      All events will require one participant, excluding the Business Quiz event which would be a two member team.

·      A registration fee of Rs. 3000 for colleges in Bangalore and Rs. 3500 for out station colleges should be paid before commencement of the fest.

·      Participants are expected to come in modest and formal attire and must carry their college identification cards.

·      All participating teams must carry their own laptops, pen drives and dongles.

·      Participants must use their team codes during the fest. Use of college/University name will lead to disqualification.

·      Judges’ decision will be considered the ultimate verdict.

Some of the events are :


In our world, everyone believes in the existence of free will. We all believe that we are in control of our decisions and our lives.

The truth however, is far from this. Every person in the modern world is a puppet under the control of a master. The master tenses his strings to garner self-benefit through the game of control.

We must ask ourselves, is this the only game of control, or is there a more intricate game where control is shifted and exchanged?


A carpenter. A builder. A leader. A terrorist.

Belief. That is what lies common with each of the above. Belief, that their work is art, rather than the product of a pre-determined process.

This is the person within the organisation who is the brain behind the execution. They can make or break the entire organisation, or the entire world.



Capitalism is the driving force for innovation, growth and wealth creation in the world. It is the only system which makes sure the laws of demand and supply are kept in check, and profit maximisation is the key agenda.

Finance is the engine that drives capitalistic instinct, as numbers make every scenario black or white. A capitalist is the decision making force steering the organisation in its most favourable direction.

Every penny saved, is a penny earned.


Mass propagation is the means for make or break. We live in a world where power lies not in hands of information itself, but those who control it.

This segment of the company can either hamper or augment the force an organisation commands.

These individuals have one goal – visibility dominance.


The commodore holds the pivotal position in an administrative hierarchical structure. He is the instigative leader for multiple individuals and groups and is required to analyse, enable, lead and channelize efforts towards the ultimate goal.

Strength in numbers would be futile if the numbers weren’t in the right position.


Changing thoughts to houses, managing industries to stock are withheld with the coercion to exchange. One man with various measures of string to pull will create history. Time and choices will design one’s fate and others future.

Do what you must to gain power over all.


The free flow of information has caused an overload, which has resulted in the need to know what is relevant and what is not. Today, trivia is no longer just a pass time, but a serious business. Everyone has access to limitless information, but it he who carries it in his head and uses it when applicable has an edge over the rest.



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