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Atharv- Knowledge!
The Management & Cultural Fest of IIM-Indore. The first-ever IIM fest that opens its doors to all the undergraduates around the country!
Come, try your hand at understanding HR policies and winning at the stock market!
Come, enrich yourself with the cultural offerings.
Come, learn from the top leaders of the country, through Colloquium-our Panel Discussion & Odyssey- our Guest Lecture Series.
Come, Participate!

Our Flagship Management Events:
Finopoly- Finance
Avant Garde- B-Plan
Pragnya- Business Quiz
Vendition Vendatta- Marketing
Game of Shadows- Game Theory

Our other events include Bailar(Dance), Battle of Bands & Acoustic sets(Music), Vanity-The Fashion Show, Vandals(Graffiti)…

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  • Rishi Raj
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  • Rishi Raj
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