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Presenting CLYYCK, the online photography contest by Youth Youniverse. To take part, all you need is a camera and your creativity. So choose a theme and get clicking!

• There are three themes;

1. Urban wildlife.

2. College Life.

3. The third is an open theme.

• Contestants may post a picture pertaining to any one theme.

• There will be a winner and runner up for each theme.

• Every entry will be displayed on the Youth Youniverse Facebook page, within one day of its submission.

• Competition to commence 27th July and last 14 days. Entries may be sent till the 10th day, i.e. 6 August. Likes/shares to be counted till the 14th day, i.e. 10th August. Results to be declared on 11th August.

• Submit your entries on this link: , or send a message on the Youth Youniverse Facebook page.


• There is no registration fee for the contest.

• A maximum of two entries per person are allowed for the entire contest.

• Pictures must be original captures.

• Pictures must not be edited in any manner at all.

• Contestant may make use of any sort of camera.

• Entries not pertaining to the theme chosen will not be considered.

• Any spam entries will not be considered.

• Contestant must send the picture(s) along with a caption, and clearly state the theme chosen. Contestant must also include her/his name, contact number, email address and school/college name.

• The contestant may tag his/her friends once their picture appears on the Youth Youniverse Facebook page.

• Last day to submit entries is 6 August. Entries received after will not be considered.

• The contest closes on 10 August. Likes/shares recorded after will not be considered.


Pictures will be judged by a jury, on the basis their content, as well as the number of likes and shares gained on Facebook. Results will be announced on 11 August, on the Facebook page itself. Prize winners will also be contacted personally, with details on how to claim the same.


The winner from each theme will be entitled to a cash prize of Rs 1000.

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