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Rendezvous is the annual cultural festival of IIT Delhi held in October over four days.
Well, that’s what a dictionary entry would look like but Rendezvous is much more than that
Rendezvous is a routine of awesomeness, an annual phenomenon which has only one definite thing about its character that it gets better than before.
Rendezvous is the breakout of the best in the college circuit. It is a congregation of practitioners of the cult of viva la vida, a four day bout of stellar pro shows leveling with full-fledged music festivals alongside a wide assortment of reputed competitive events where the best of the fields compete in battle for glory and gold.
An exotic ensemble of entertainment artists from around the world ranging from contortionists to street dancers to international musicians to illusionists generate an ambiance of one dreamy carnival where one is simply meant to be.
From Quizzing to Debating to Art to Films to Dance to Music to Drama... the spectrum of creative faculty covered in all its grandeur over these four days in the setting of one singular fiesta that commands a cosmic awe.
We totally understand the yearnings of the souls who party as well as the costs of merrymaking. Don\\\\\\\'t worry; we have started setting the stage for a volley of strobe and sound. To all the souls, who like to have fun, we will be waiting. Be there this rendezvous.


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