i2i: Ideation to Implementation - Build Your Own Social Enterprise Workshop

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Event Description

A fully hands-on, immersive workshop to help social enterprise enthusiasts and budding social enterprises to ideate, design, develop, test and put together a business plan to realise the dream. 

All participants get a chance to participate in EntirelySo! mySE2015 : Social Enterprise Business Plan contest - resulting in cash prizes and incubation opportunities. 

Coverage includes:
- What is a social enterprise?
- How to identify and develop the idea for my Social Enterprise?
- How to design a social enterprise to make it remarkable?
- How to test the social enterprise business idea - from viability, fundability and sustainability points of view?
- How to find and build a team to develop the social enterprise?
- how to develop business case and business plan for the tested social enterprise business idea?
- how to develop value proposition and make the enterprise fundable?
- how to bootstrap a social enterprise? how to pitch?
- how to plan establishment, operations and growth of social enterprise?

- Fully hands on, individual & group activities; role-plays.
- Expert guidance and active learning methods.
- Intensive, result-oriented, 360deg approach

Successful participation also results in certification valid for internship in select social enterprises, career opportunities in social enterprises and mentorship opportunities.

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