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Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing giving the authors own argument. This is a wholly online event inviting undergraduate and postgraduate civil engineering students from across the nation, to submit detailed essays offering creative, practical suggestions on the given topics. The contest aims at encouraging students to delve deeper into the given topics and thereby expand knowledge base in concrete technology in the run up to Concrete Fair 2015. 




Essays, not exceeding 2000 words in English, should be submitted on or before 17:00 hours October 10, 2015, on one, two or all of the following three topics:
    ->Concrete Solutions for Climate Change
    ->Concrete Construction in the 21st Century
    ->Concrete without Conventional Aggregates

The essays will test:
    ->Ability to address the topic in a comprehensive manner
    ->Ability to absorb and condense information from a variety of sources
    ->Ability to write a balanced and coherent argument
    ->Written English skills

The best three essays will be published in the official Concrete Fair website; the respective authors will be presented with certificates, and the top two authors will be handsomely awarded with cash prizes during Concrete Fair 2015. 






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