Tathva '15

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At the dawn of this century, a group of enterprising students struck fire from flint and steel, never imagining that those flames would grow into a firestorm – Tathva, the annual techno-management festival of NIT Calicut. What started out as a humble symposium of intrigued minds has escalated to become one of the biggest fiestas the nation witnesses. Tathva is the flight of a single banner that draws countless followers each year, united in their quest for technical and artistic excellence. 

Growing by epic proportions ever since its inception in 2002, Tathva aims to further the frontiers of possibility through events, workshops and competitions that drive students to explore their personal best. Beckoning forth an audience of thousands and judging panels composed of the nation’s premiers, you will find the most stellar platform created for the outpour of sheer talent.

Tathva ’15 hurtles its way to reality at break-neck speed, hauling a staggering event list that proves to enrapture every single one of its attendees. Be it the top-notch Robotics and Automobile display, or the high-stakes Coder wars and Blitzkrieg, the festival will unleash the tech-wired genius in its participants. Let the artistic realm of Adizya ravish your souls and the pulse of the competitions resonate with the livewire in you. Come, join our joie de vivre. Throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour of the normal, and set course for the experience of a lifetime.

Ideate. Illuminate. Revolutionize.

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