Talentine 2k15 Sports

Ticket Category Price (Rs) Quantity Amount (Rs.)
Volley Ball
(Per Team)
600 0
Basket Ball
(Per Team)
600 0
Throw Ball
(Per Team)
500 0
Chess 150 0
Carrom - Singles 150 0
Table Tennis -singles 200 0
Table Tennis -Doubles 400 0
TOTAL (Rs.)     0

Event Description

Talentine is the Annual celebration of Engineering, Science and Technology organized by the students of KG Reddy College of Engineering. The level of enthusiasm shown by the young engineering professionals, and the resulting magnificent ideas from it is Talentine. A world in which one always learns, unlearns and re-learns from ever changing conditions.
Meticulously planned events, enticing cultural events and breathtaking sports and a memorable Musical night makes Talentine a hard to miss event And if that is not all, Talentine also sees itself as a socially responsible entity by encouraging and undertaking various humanitarian causes.
The numbers speak for themselves. With a humble beginning in 2014, Talentine has risen up to become one of the largest Technical fests of the region, hosting over 30 different events and various other activities. Apart from its own students, in the last two editions of the fest, the college was home to many students from all pockets of the country.
This year, Talentine plans to be even bigger and better than before. One can definitely expect an altogether new spin to the things already done and something far more exciting and amazing like never seen before. Be ready to get amazed. Join us in this annual celebration, breathe in the air of KGRCET for 4 days and be a part of this jubilant festival called Talentine.
Technical: Technotine 

1. Power Point Presentation - 200/-
2. Project Expo (Project Exhibition) 100/-
3. Dev Campus (Website Designing) 100/-
4. Electropedia (Aptitude, Crossword puzzles, Programming) 100/-
5. Robo Race - 150
To Register for Technical - www.thecollegefever.com/talentinetechnical

Sports: Sportine 

1. Volley Ball - 600/-
2. Basket Ball - 600/-
3. Throw Ball  - 500/-
4. Table Tennis -Singles - 200/-
5. Table Tennis - Doubles - 400/-
6. Chess - 150/-
7. Caroms - 150/-

Cultural: Entertine 

1. Dance War 
2. Group Singing 
3. Skits/Drama 
4. Social Service 
5. DJ War 
6. Rock Band 


1. Campus Ambassador 
2. Mr/Ms.Talentine 2k15 (Photo Contest) 
3. Snapshot (Online Photography) 
4. Poster Presentation (Designing a poster for Talentine 2k15) 
5. Photo Movies (Create a video with photos and background song) 

Social Events: 

1. Rotathon Walk (10k People - Necklace Road) To build a school - Feb 1 
2. Each 1 Give 1 Book. 
3. Rice Bucket Challenge.
4. Youth4Jobs – 1Million Signatures
5. Swacch Bharath
Online - Rama Krishna - 8019258025
Technical - Sam Pratyush - 8008669040
Cultural - Nandan - 9502846057
Sports - Faisal/Shashi - 7793903672/8121766168
Stalls - Srikar - 8184945500
Contact The College Fever
  • +91 9742350056
Contact The host
  • Rama Krishna
  • +91-8019258025

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