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Tathva –the colourful annual technical fest of NITC that celebrates new innovations, acquiring skills and coming together of cultures across India, is a collective effort of the students of NITC to cheer on great intellect and polish practical knowledge. A 3-day pandemonium; it blends together the two extremes of an engineer – the part that puts every ounce of energy into designing technology and the part that unabashedly celebrates their success with pizzazz.

NITC has been largely successful in bringing some of the prominent names in the field of education as part of Tathva. It has seen the likes, from Jeff Lieberman, the host of the popular show ‘Time Warp’ to the beloved former Indian President, APJ Abdul Kalam, arrive at the campus. Apart from lectures that leave you with a lot to envisage, the fest makes ground for featuring the zest of the gaming industry through Blitzkrieg, the ultimate clash of the swords in the gaming arena, which sets the battlefield for the best of the best among gamers.  Hundreds of motor enthusiasts out there get to relish in the glitz and glamour exuded by an exhibition that rolls out the rare and the expensive from the vehicle industry, Wheels. As engineers, it remains important that we be aware of the latest innovations in the industry. Along with offering ground for organizing exhibitions by ISRO, DRDO and the Indian Navy among others, Tathva conducts workshops that introduce you to the latest innovations in the engineering industry, offering an opportunity to get your hands dirty in subjects ranging from ethical hacking to quadcopter.

In the midst of all this, NITC-ians keep in mind that the contribution of the symposium is not just limited to the college-going crowd. Through the initiative, Aavishkar, the walls of the classroom is broken down as we work to produce our lecture based knowledge into practicality that can ease out the work of the community around us. The vast mechanical knowledge of us, engineers, gives us the power to make significant contributions to the society around us.

The pure gusto of Tathva commences as the doors of the Open Air Theatre swings open to welcome the crowd to a mesmerizing evening that leaves you screaming for more, the Nites. These stages have beheld the impressive music of nation’s finest bands such as Agam and MotherJane as well as to some awe-inspiring acts by the likes of the Acyut humanoid robot project and the Czech fire show, Pa Litchi. Last year, the Tech-Nites bore witness to an energetic crowd of over 4000 as the speakers boomed consecutive dance numbers by DJ Clement of Sunburn. After a day filled with work, the music and the dance offers the perfect finale that you yearn for.


Every year, the tech-fest grows larger and bigger with exciting games, intriguing lectures and blasting Nites. Tathva over the years has developed while spreading the message to Ideate, Innovate and Revolutionize.

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