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Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, its time to pause and reflect. Humans as such have an innate tendency to go with the flow, upstream or downstream. They feel comfortable at the thought of having company and a set path to tread on. That is why exemplary men like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther and Arthur Conan Doyle are remembered, for having set an example and tried the road not taken.

Even today, it is only the men who fall off the trodden path and create new ones that flourish and succeed, because intelligence is measured by the ability to change. Exclusively held for first and second year students, Threshold 2015 brings forth a plethora of learning, off the beaten path. With a myriad of events, namely Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business Quiz, Outsourcing and Best manager, Threshold 2015 will be an experience, exquisite yet challenging.

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