Maggi : Which is your Favourite Combination?


For everyone in college, Maggi is the best, quickest, hunger fix. IF you stay in a hostel, the importance of maggi cannot be overstated. Over the years many kind souls from various parts of India have begun embellishing the basic Maggi recipe with various other ingredients to make it yum. While we found some combinations that sound terrible - Maggi between toast, for example - these are three that we think that every Maggi lover should try.


At number 3, there is the Maggi Masala Recipe. With close to 3.5 million views on Youtube, this is the recipe most people go to. With step by step instructions, this video tells you how to make a killer Maggi Masala with veggies.


At number two, there is the Maggi Egg Combination, just perfect for the late nights when you are studying, and getting disturbed by your growling tummy. This is quick, easy, fun and yummy. The only problem is if you are sharing a kitchen with friends, there may not be too much left for you. it is truly yummy, trust us on that


And, at number one, is our special favourite. Celebrity Chef, Saransh Golia gives us the most watering recipe of them all -  Maggi recipe with Eggs & Caramelized Onions. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is somewhere near 15. Quick to make, fabulous to taste, just the recipe to pull out to impress friends who drop in.

Drop us a note and tell us, which is your favorite Maggi Recipe. ?