Conjuring up your inner Ed/Lorraine Warren

           How many of you believe that the ideal way to spend Saturday night is to be curled up on your couch, with popcorn in one hand and a Cross in the other, watching ghost flicks? How many of you start chanting “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…” every time your best friend starts acting weird? Further still, how many of you even go so far ahead as wishing you could be the real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren?

What if you could be?

That’s right. A legitimate career as a ghostbuster. A paranormal investigator. A supernatural expert. Call it by any other name, wouldn’t take the fun out of it right? We’re not kidding. This may come as a surprise to most people, but the fact is, that this profession has been around for decades! You think Ed & Lorraine were just a reel couple? Oh no, it’s real, and even more real than the reality shows you watch like Big Boss!

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Ghost hunters/paranormal investigators (PI) are essentially self-employed individuals or private firms that are called upon to investigate claims pertaining to the existence of unexplainable presences or events, such as ghosts, demons, spirits, etc. So how exactly do you go about it? Read on to find out –

The How

Here’s something spooky – there’s no clear, given way to become a PI. Logical, considering supernatural existence is a subject whose very existence is debated upon! No university or college would offer you a degree. Fret not though, for this is actually the cool part about it. All you need is a scientific temperament. As paradoxical as it may sound, a scientific temper is essential to keep your mind steady and on the constant lookout for answers. A degree in history or psychology can help you in deciphering the meaning of seemingly inexplicable occurrences.

What you need essentially though, is the following –

The Tools

No, your dad’s hammers and screwdrivers are of no use here. Come on now, don’t insult ghosts! Those freaks are special beings, they deserve special equipment for themselves. In order to detect paranormal presence, you will need the following range of Must-have ghost-hunting devices

  1. Ambient temperature sensor, in order to detect sudden but subtle drops in temperature, a common feature when ghosts come peek-a-boo.
  2. Geophone, programmed to pick up the slightest movements or vibrations on the surface on which it is sitting.
  3. Ultra-sensitive microphones, capable of picking up sounds the human ear can’t. Sounds like the kind only a NON-HUMAN can produce…
  4. Full-spectrum/infrared camcorder – a full spectrum camera can capture photos/videos in areas that are normally too dark for a regular recording device. An infrared/ultraviolet camera will help you operate in the dark. A fast shutter speed will get more frames within the video, increasing your chance of picking up paranormal activity.
  5. UV Torch, in order to spot footprints or fingerprints not visible to the naked eye.UV Torch
  6. Digital sound recorders – the stuff of legends. Ghost hunting groups and other PI’s attempt to capture voices as routine part of their investigations – voices not audible to the human ear. Used in conjunction with microphones mentioned above in order to save the recording and play it again. Once you’re done packing your kit bag, it’s time to go a-hunting! Oh yes, don’t forget to bid everyone you love goodbye… *just saying*!

The Who

Ghost hunting is an activity that requires a lot of people to work in tandem. Here’s where you might want to join a “cult” – a group of like-minded people to accompany you on your “quest”. Various groups organize “Ghostwalks”, in order to search for ghosts and share their personal experiences. In case you think you won’t find such groups – we beg to differ. There are plenty of ghost-hunting groups in – wait for it – India itself! You can search the nearest group here. Besides, you wouldn’t want to go out there alone anyway, would you?
(some of the active ones are: Paranormal Society of India by Govind Kumar - a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practising of the scientific method in the documentation of paranormal phenomena for over 07 years, Jason Hawes - Founder of ; the top visited paranormal website in the world and Gaurav Tiwari aka CaptGT - a Certified Leading Paranormal Investigator, Certified UFO Field Investigator and a ParaNexus representative in India; founder of Indian Paranormal Society )

The How much

Unfortunately, not much. PI’s find work, only when one thinks they have found a ghost. There’s not much money to be made out of the work of PI, although some experts, with years of experience, may end up raking thousands of dollars. No billionaire ever belonged to this industry (that we know of *wink*). This doesn’t stop you from going after them freakshows, does it? Who knows what you might stumble upon, or into. After all, money is soooo human! Ghosts don’t haunt you for money – why should you then?

        Guess we know what you’ll be doing this weekend. And, who to call if we ever encounter a ghost. We’ll be waiting for you – Mr/Ms. Ghostbuster! Drop in your numbers!