6 Memorable Ad Campaigns of the 90’s For a Trip Down Nostalgia

Our generation is a lucky lot. We grew up at a time when colour TV had been widely established all over, and the digital world was taking its roots slowly but surely. The idiot box had become the primary mode of entertainment, and children like us used to stay glued to it 24×7. Hence, it also became a new but trustworthy source for marketers to advertise their products. Yes, it did seem irritating at times to have those irksome ads coming up between your favourite shows and blaring crappy, unpardonable music. But there were also a few classic ones that we enjoyed watching nonetheless or hummed along to its catchy music or jingle. Those tunes, in fact, effectively defined our childhood now that we look back at the good ol’days. Let’s for a moment, forget all miseries of the present world and relive those moments. Time for some time travel!

  1. Washing Powder Nirma

We know you don’t need a video to start singing “Doodh si safedi, nirma se aaye…” This is literally the first tune that pops into our minds when we start thinking of 90’s jingles! All thanks to Mumbai local trains, that in 2017, are still blaring it on loudspeakers fitted inside. Most of us were too young to know who Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma were, nonetheless, we couldn’t stop ourselves from singing along whenever the ad came along! Guess it’s true what they said – sabki pasand nirmaaaa!

2) Vicco Turmeric (not cosmetic)

This ad was what started our journey of singing crap songs despite having no idea what the lyrics were! The ever so catchy “Vicco Turmeric, nahi cosmetic…” has stuck to our tongues since eternity. So much, even the stupidest of today’s youth will confidently tell you in his sleep that Vicco is turmeric and not cosmetic.

3) Fevikwik

Back in 90’s, even as the world was quickly getting glued to their screens, Fevicol came up with something even quicker and stickier (pun intended). “Chutki me chipkaye, Fevikwik!” has since stuck on as quick and as firm as the product itself. As has the image of the fisherman rushing back excitedly mouthing gibberish we fail to comprehend even today. It was an amazing launch which set of in motion equally awesome ads later in the 2000’s.

4) Amul

Trust India’s most trustworthy brand to add to the awesomeness of the 90’s in truly Indian style! Amul managed to touch the heart of every Indian with this ad. It also introduced our generation to “Amul, The Taste Of India”. 2 decades on, Amul is still our most preferred choice for dairy products and this ad ensured we got hooked on to it at a very young age!

5) Soundarya Sabun Nirma

Sonali Bendre gave us boys our first ever crush with this ad! The scintillating music of “Tum Husn Pari..” still makes our ear perk up in anticipation of seeing something as beautiful as the woman of our favourite ad! Coupled with the previously mentioned ad, turns out Nirma’s marketing team of the 90’s was on fleek!

6) Maggi

Long before “Maggi Maggi Maggi!” became our motto, Maggi had already entered our lives with this almost as equally catchy ad that imprinted upon our minds the delight of 2 minutes (apparently) noodles. It lay the foundation of 20 years long domination of the FMCG market before they combusted themselves with unnecessary controversies last year.

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Missing those days? We are, too! *sobs happily in the corner*Today’s kids will never know that feeling…