6 Things Which Actually Happen When You Do Group Study

When those evil exams are lurking around the corner, coupled with the intense pressure to perform well, at some point in your academic life span, you all have resorted to the famous (or ‘infamous?’ you decide!) option of group study. The entire squad bands together during this tough period and all the members pledge to help each other out smash everybody’s doubts and pass these evil exams with flying colours. But, to know what really happens during a group study session keep on reading below!

1. Planning

Every group study session takes off on a serious note, with the entire squad pumped up to study and everyone bringing in as many thick books as possible. Afterwards, everybody is confused as hell and got no clue regarding where, to begin with, and thus, the hours-long planning session begins with everyone having their own planning agenda and a very little time is actually spent on seriously following the plan.

2. Gossip Time

Irrespective of your gender, everybody loves gossiping. Especially when boring books are sitting wide open and the idea of solving previous year’s questions papers don’t seem exciting to the brain with soon everybody is found gossiping about whether Jon Snow a.k.a Aegon Targaryen is going to rule the seven kingdoms or the dragon queen- Danny.

3. Clash in Clan

Well, after wasting hours on planning and gossiping, everybody gets serious but this sincerity is short-lived. Wait for that moment when someone has a doubt regarding the solution to a difficult equation and the geeks in the group can’t stop fighting over whose answer is right or whose way of solving the equation is best. And the rest of the bunch is busy pleading them to cool down and coexist in peace.

4. Hunger Pangs!

After putting the wheels of the brain to some work, the belly doesn’t stay behind to remind everyone (often, at the same time) that it needs to be filled and there goes a good couple of hours straight out of the window. And everyone is busy munching on pizza and fries as well as guzzling down a handful of beers in the process.

5. ‘Rofl’ing

The books are long forgotten and soon, everybody’s fingers are busy tapping on their phone’s screen. Someone is busy forwarding meme jokes across WhatsApp to Instagram, Snapchat addicts are too occupied trying out the new filters and a handful of others are involved ‘rofl’-ing on the floor, the after effect of binge-watching a lot of comedy sketches.

6. Sleeping

As expected, after such a long day of hard work, it is quite obvious that the entire squad would be feeling pretty tired and worn out. Thus, the group study session concludes with everyone dozing off with the promise of doing some real-study the next day.

So, if you are one of those who is planning to be a part of a group study session, make sure that you don’t over-indulge in any of the above scenarios and do open those thick books to study.