7 Annoying Things That Happen on WhatsApp!

In the last decade, social media has been the most happening place, where packs of people good, bad and annoying are literally, online 24 x 7. One such site is Whatsapp, which has become a part of everyone’s daily survival kit, but it is a place where people end up doing lots of annoying stuff such as:

1. Seen, Why no reply?

Those evil little blue ticks, sure you can disable them but there are jerks who would still pester you with messages like “You are online, but no reply!!” Dude, take the cue.

2. Senti-Mental Beings!

These are the ones who wear their heart on their sleeves. They go around posting heavy-duty emotional stuff on their statuses and dps, all the time like, ‘It’s time to move on’, ‘Forget those who forget you’ and so on! Sometimes you really feel like shouting “Shut Up!”

3. The Copy and Paste Fanatics :

They send mile-long texts and chain messages totally irrelevant and are the ones you usually set aside as backup contacts. All those annoying messages that end with “send to 20 people and you will receive good news next week in your life” as if God is on Whatsapp.

4. Emoji Addicts

This pack of people uses various emojis to convey a message and you end up spending the next few minutes trying to figure out what they are trying to say. They use a lot of annoying amount of smileys and less or no words, in response to all our texts.

5.  Picture Pro’s

This set of people, you will find them in almost everybody’s contact list. They won’t chat, they won’t greet, they only send pictures to you and next day they come online they send another picture then they leave again. Also, your phone’s photo gallery is now a collection of your friend’s crushes and Tinder matches.

6. Creepy Stalkers!

These set of people, won’t even do the courtesy of ” hi” or “sup” they will just go to group info and start collecting the number of opposite-sex with cute D.P.
Then you will receive a message like this “hi, am Raj, I got your number from XYZ GROUP” and they take time out of their boring lives to stalk on your status updates and profile picture changes. Eventually, they land up on your Block List.

7. Personal Talks in Group!


They are one of the most annoying people and they are in every group. They are those two-three people who would start discussing matters that are private or personal to them in a group chat, matters that no matter how hard you try you won’t understand because you were not there when the incident happened. Yet they will bring such discussion to a group chat… Things like this are what makes people keep most of their groups on mute.

Nevertheless, everything that becomes addictive has something annoying about it!