Have you seen those fur slippers people wear at home? They are not supposed to be worn outside, they are too fluffy for that. You feel at home as soon as you put your feet in them. Introverts are like those fur slippers. They become your comfort zones once you get to know them. They don’t talk much, don’t prefer going out unless it’s necessary. But these are the things they are judged for.

There is always more to every person than they let on. Every person is a story and world altogether. And not everyone is an open book. Few prefer to be like those private lock-able diaries only a selected and special few can read. Otherwise what would have been the difference between Sheldon and Penny?!

It’s true that they would prefer chatting over a conversation on call because they would not want to put themselves too much in the open (you cannot expect Damon Salvatore to go out in the sun without his ring, can you?). But in that chat, they will give you all of themselves. You can trust them with your deepest secrets and fears. They will listen to you and observe keenly. And isn’t listening to the key to good communication (unless you are Arnab who gets paid for not listening most of the time). They are the perfect human-diary-material.

But have you ever tried to look from the perspective of an introvert? They might enjoy their own company but they need a good friend as much as any other human. They might be strong and comfortable in their own skin but once in a while they also need a tight hug, an ear which listens patiently and a heart which understands. Even the Hulk needs a Black Widow.

If you have an introvert friend/person in your life then cherish them because they are the truest and the realest people you will ever meet.

PS: Date them! You will never regret it. Trust me 😉 😉

The following Dos and Don’ts might help:


According to Judith Butler, using language itself is a form of censorship. The blue sky I see might be a lot different to the blue sky you perceive. Language makes us sort everything as binaries, every good has a bad, white has black, happy has sad, love has hate, weird has normal and introvert has extrovert. And everything is defined in such a way that one cannot exist without the other. It is only when we move beyond the binaries and see through multiple perspectives that we actually start to see things as they are instead of as we are.

We think as we think because we are a sack full of memories and experiences. It is only when we are oblivious as kids or old people that we question everything around us.

“Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”
                                                     - Shakespeare

And before we enter the last stage of life, let’s be more. More than the binaries that make us who we are, what we see, how we see and who we see.


Let’s see people as people and not by the tags which the world gives them because all of us have a little bit of every one woven in our soul