9 things that vegetarians don’t want to hear anymore!

Life isn’t easy, but it is a little more of a nuisance if you happen to be a vegetarian. Apparently, NOT eating meat is a concept that is too hard for the normal human brain to grasp. As a result, the vegetarians get to hear a lot of things on a daily basis that they can live without. Here are nine of the MOST annoying things ever.

1. “Aye, tu veg hai? Par kyun?”
No, I am a human being. Ever heard of free will? Yeah, that means I get to choose what I do and I DON’T WANT TO EAT MEAT! Let me enjoy my food ffs!

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2. Are you dieting?
Just because I am a vegetarian doesn’t mean I am crunching on salads all the time. There exist things like cheeseburgers and Margherita pizza. And for the last time stop with the “You eat ghaans? Lololol” jokes.

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3. You don’t eat meat so where do you get your protein from?
It’s not my fault that you’re not good at basic science, but other foods have proteins too. Milk has protein! And for the last time, Vegans and Vegetarians are NOT the same!

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4. Arre try a bite of my chicken you’ll like it!
Hit people with your Aaloo tikki burger the next time someone says this. We don’t like meat, we don’t want meat. Let us eat our food in peace and stop shoving your meaty agenda down our throats!

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5. If cavemen were vegetarian you wouldn’t be here today
If you’d applied logic we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Honestly, the cavemen did a lot of thing besides eating meat, like hunting and not wearing clothes why don’t you do that too then. Meanwhile, we’ll just sit here with our moong daal pakode and chutney.

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6. How are you a vegetarian if you still eat an egg?
Learn the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian first. We don’t eat meat. An egg is not meat. Go annoy someone else.

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7. So you just eat Paneer?
Yes, we JUST eat Paneer. In fact, we put Paneer in a blender and then make a smoothie out of it and drink that instead of water. When faced with stupidity, a vegetarian tends to throw a block of Paneer at the threat’s face. It’s just our natural response.

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8. How can you not like meat?!
Please Google the concept of personal choice the next time you feel like saying something this stupid.

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9. Are you not allowed to eat meat?
We don’t eat meat by CHOICE! No one is shoving broccolis in our faces, peas are not being shot at us through guns and NO, no one is baigan bombing us either. We like what we eat. Thank you very much.

source: greatist.com