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If you are looking to enjoy college life to its fullest, you have arrived at the right place. In fact, if you are not making the best of college life, you would regret it later.

TheCollegeFever is an organization which aims at creating a socially interactive college life for students through the medium of web. This is a platform to know about events and to let others know about your event. It’s your one stop destination to stay connected with what is happening many miles away in a matter of a click.

TheCollegeFever aims at consolidating the information about events, fests, fairs and exhibitions in one platform. This will enable students to post and manage bulletins regarding their fests and events so that other students may come and take part. Ours is a robust platform that will enable students to not only view information but also buy tickets or register for selected fests or events. Also advertisers can login to our portal for campaigns, promotions and sponsorships.

We strive to bring to you a common gateway because we think you should make your presence felt in all spheres that interest you.

So guys, stay tuned! This space is loaded with all the exciting things happening in the country.

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