Balkalakaar-On 20th of December by Birla VidyaNiketan

What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you think of your childhood?
Did you spend your evenings playing in the park with your friends? Did you run to your parents, expecting presents from them every time they came home from a trip? You must’ve had fancy cakes on your birthday parties with candles representing your age. Wasn’t it fun spending your time doing fun activities and creating a mess, but thoroughly enjoying it all? After all, that’s something all children love doing; something they love doing, but not something they all get to experience.
Now, imagine any of those things being taken away from you. It wouldn’t be so nice, would it? However, it’s reality for a lot of children out there. There are so many children out there, making birthday wishes; wishes that don’t seem to come true for them. Don’t you think these kids deserve to experience happiness the way you did, even if it’s just for a day – a day that’s full of excitement and smiles that you just can’t get rid of? It’s the small things we do that add up to become big things in the future. Why not take a step closer to those big things?
That’s what we aim to do by organizing ‘Balkalakaar’. Its one day dedicated to such children, in hopes of making of making their day a little brighter, and their smiles a little wider.
On the morning of 20th December, Birla VidyaNiketan will be the center of all hysteria and buzz, as children from NGOs from all over Delhi will be rushing there to be a part of this event. A lot of people who have volunteered for this event will also be present there. It will be a day filled with complete joy and happiness for those children.
The children will be getting colors for an art competition, in which they get to create their own masterpiece and let their inner artists out. To add to the spirit, prizes will also be given away. But that’s not where it ends,not only will fun things like magic shows take place, butdance and music-related activities will also be going on throughout the day in hopes of seeing those children going back home with beaming smiles and twinkling eyes. It might be a day full of fun and memories for the children to take back with them, but it will also be a day on which they will interact with so many people around them and get to learn new things.
The date is close and the wait is getting harder by the second. We’re ready to make a difference. We’re ready for Balkalakaar. What do you think? Are you?
Register on this link today and become a volunteer:

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