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Special interview with the Team Manager of Team Panthera

We bring you a very special interview with the Team Manager of Team Panthera, Deepal Khatri, who with her deep passion and love for this project and Mother Nature truly inspired us.Here, she shares her experience with Team Panthera - details regarding her work, what motivates her and much more. Read on-

1.What does you work entail for Team Panthera and on a scale of 1 to 10 how tough is it to manage a team of high spirited individuals?

I hold the position of Team Manager and my primary job is to manage the team. I allocate work to each and every member and ensure that everyone has equal work. I have to make sure that the work culture here is good and that no one is overburdened. I am also the connecting link between Team Panthera and our college authorities and therefore, communication between them is my responsibility too. When Team Panthera goes for competitions on International platform, I have to be in touch with the organizers and manage the team and take care of other details too. If I have to rate how tough it is to manage them, I’ll have to say that my team makes it really easy for me so, I’ll rate it a 4.

2.How long have you been a part of the team?

As the co-founder of Team Panther, I’ve been part of the team since it was just a dream. I’ve been part of the team from the very start.

3.Who/What is your source of motivation and how do you keep the team’s motivation intact?

The very idea behind Team Panthera – the idea that brought us together is what motivates me.Mother Nature inspires me – how different designs and shapes like tear drop shape, tadpole shape and such help in designing shape of a vehicle. Mother Nature and her genius designs motivate me. Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has and will always be a source of motivation for me – his sincerity and serenity has taught me to be always polite and respectful. When it comes to my team, they are always high-spirited and driven by our goal so, I don’t have to do much to motivate them. I am truly lucky to have a team like this.

4.If you have to associate three words with Team Panthera, what would they be?

One would be ‘Passionate’ as we work day and night on our project which focuses on using our resources judiciously and therefore, saving our Mother Nature. Other would be ‘Proactive’ which is a quality really important for us as we go for competitions on International levels and also as innovators. Third would be ‘Panther’ for our Bitch! Please attitude and our pride on being women mechanical engineers.

We would like to thank Deepal Khatri for her time and would like to wish her and Team Panthera the very best in all their endeavors!

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