Smriti Bhal reveals the secrets of successful event planning

  • Describe your feelings as the event head of your fest.

It’s wonderful to be the sponsorship and management head of the fest. You get to experience so much. And I have always been associated with Cultural Events throughout my school and college life, and since this is the last year of my college, this time, the fest is very special to me. I, along with my team mates, am putting my heart and soul in making this fest the best. Let’s just hope we succeed in it.


  • What got you interested to be a part of this organizing team?

I have always been interested in organising events. And since it’s my own college’s fest, I had to work for it and do something good for my college and its goodwill.


  • How did you plan this festival?Take us through the huge process in brief.

Oh! The planning goes way back. I along with my team started planning for the fest in I guess, September 2015. Since then, we have been selecting volunteers, arranging for sponsors, marketing the fest, planning all the events that will be held, reaching out to celebrities and singers for the entertainment section. It’s such a huge and tiring process. And there is this one thing about organising events, no matter how early you start the prep, it will always hang up till the last minute :p


  • How did you select the organizing team?Any specific criteria?

Yaa, we had a proper formal selection process for selecting the Priyadarshani team, in which interested students had to register with us, and then apply for a personal interview, taken by the event heads. Whoever fulfilled all the criterias which we were looking for, they were selected as the Volunteer members.


  • Organizing a massive event is always challenging.Tell us about the key challenges you faced organizing this event.

Oh yaa!, we faced, infact we are facing a lot of challenges in organising this fest, the biggest one being the budget and sponsorship issues. It’s not easy at all to convience companies for sponsorships. Secondly, we have a CGO complex right next to our college, and it’s very difficult to convince them to allow us to play loud music, or else, our fest could be banned. Volunteers not turning up for meetings, last minute changes in plans, sudden meetings with companies, and what not. I think the core team hasn’t slept properly since a month to overcome all these challenges and to make this event successful.


  • How was your experience with college fever?

It was great collaborating with TheCollegeFever. They have taken a lot of efforts to promote our fest and helped us in marketing the fest. I think we have had a really wide reach, and college fever plays a major role in it. We would really like to collaborate with College Fever in future too, for our events.


7.Finally,what advice would you give to other event/fest organizers?

Just one advice, just enjoy the process of the fest, no matter how many difficulties you face, it all adds up to that one big event which is a life time experience. So just enjoy, and don’t take it as a burden. Trust me, you will miss this time all your life.

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