Hello there!! Are you tired of your exams and assignments? Feeling disconnected and locked up into courses and syllabus. Well, we are here to help you out. Come join us as we take you to various events and fests held at various colleges and universities across the nation. Indulging into fests and events not only will raise your spirit but also will raise your confidence level to boost your personality. Gatherings will help you to grow, learn and get inspired. Take a break from your lousy life and enjoy a time filled with gusto and zest with us. Let's just brief you about ourselves.


We strive to bring to you a common gateway for exuberance! The college fever aims at consolidating the information about events, fests, fairs and exhibitions in one platform. This will enable students to post and manage bulletins regarding their fests and events so that other students may come and take part. Ours is a robust platform that will enable students not only view information but also buy tickets or register for selected fests or events. Also advertisers can login to our portal for campaigns, promotions and sponsorships. We want your presence to be felt everywhere.


Ten years back, when colleges did not have enough exposure to the outside world, students learnt about fests and events through brochures and some selected print media like news papers and pamphlets. Lack of communication hindered the overall growth of college communities and exempted students from communal gatherings, fests and other celebrations. But now time has changed and we have come to know the potential of internet. Using internet as our platform we tend to reach out to those enthusiasts who are barred because of sheer communication gap.


So guys stay tuned!! We have just taken the initial steps. We will upgrade ourselves with more features and offers. By then ... just chill!!