6 Tips To Improve Your Math Skills

From 2 X 1= 2, to  Show that  ∑(1+2+…n) = n(n+1) / 2 . We all grew up! Math is like that constant Κ, omnipotent and eternal…! The more we try to evade Math, the more we need it. From calculating how much will be left to eat pani-puri, after brawling with the sabzi wale bhaiyaji, to formulating the new nuclear weapon; Math has empowered people from every facet and sect of life. We are not trying to make you the next Srinivasa Ramanujan or Pythagoras. But understanding and strategically approaching Math problems will help you through your various University entrance exams, and will also make you smarter while performing daily chores. On World Maths Day, let’s look at Math as a fun subject, adhering with the concept.

Here are 6 tips to ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by Math!!

1. Chisel Your Left Brain

Our left brain is responsible for the veracity of our Math Skills. You need to empower it. Churn up the brain muscles by doing activities which involve logic and reasoning. Grab your daily newspaper, do some reading and move on to the Crossword and Sudoku column. Work on these puzzles and exercise your brain. This will enhance your logical reasoning and thus improve Math Skills.


2. Play Math Games

What can be more fun than playing and learning at the same time? Travelling or waiting for your conveyance, make it productive by indulging in math games online. There are also many maths apps like Dragonbox Algebra 5+, Operation Math which will unleash your hidden math talents. Doing this regularly will improve your maths skills and it’s addictive fun.

Operation Math

3. Math in Every Day Life

Probably you have mastered this art by now. For instance, If I drive at 60km per hour and the journey is usually two and a half hours, how far is Starbucks, anyway? How much would I pay for the Louis Vuitton dress after the 40% discount. What should be the run rate, that India needs to maintain for victory. Try to do the math in your head before hitting for the calculator. Challenge yourself by making the questions harder and until you are working them out on paper.

4. The Bigger Picture

Maths is all about mugging up formulae! That’s what all people say, frustrated by the oddity.  I agree, but did you try to analyze the nuances of their origin. Don’t you feel that once you understand the concept of anything, it helps you retain better? Try to learn the principles behind formulas and see the difference.

  • Start doing some research. Why and how did Aryabhatta invent zero? How did Pythagoras decipher, the formula to find the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle?
  • Explore with that new principle-in the Pythagorean theorem example, try applying the theorem to other shapes than triangles. Can it be translated and applied to other shapes like rectangles, hexagons, squares, etc.? Why or why not?

Understanding why a principle specifically applies to some instances and not others will help you better integrate and apply that principle as you go forward.

5. Math is Not a Spectator Sport!

You can’t just read math like English. No one beholds the power of the Robot- chitti. Math comes handy with practice and loads of it. Whether you are preparing for GMAT, GRE. CAT or any other exams. Try to get your hands on a variety of questions. Ditch that Calculator of yours as they are not allowed in exams. You have to be active, doing, solving, making connections, learning. It’s the only way to build skill and understanding. Be persistent and Practice, Practice, Practice!!

6. Be Positive:

The perpetual cry - ‘I can’t get Math’, ‘Math - not my cup of tea’, will dampen all the efforts, you made until point 5. You need to be resilient and positive. Start with some easy maths you understand. It doesn’t matter what level you start with as long as you build skill, understanding, and confidence. You move forward through more difficult levels. Keep Fighting!

Remember, while attempting a question try to understand what the problem says; your mind is now capable of realizing the skill set used for the particular problem; if there is a word problem try sketching out a figure and review the solution.  I hope this article helps you find a way through this intricately beautiful subject. Share your success story with us in the comments below!