8 Things you’ll get if you go to an all-girls college.

Yes, it’s the 21st century and only women colleges still very much exist. Studying at an all-girls college may not sound like a very exciting proposition at first (some may not even consider it) but it is for those of us who crave for brand new experiences and adventures in life and are brave enough to endure fairer-sex as their only classmates for the rest of their academic life.

Quick fact: Did you know Nobel Peace Prize winner and popular political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi did her graduation in political science from Delhi’s Lady Shri Rao College?

Like Suu Kyi, there are other many ultra-successful and famous women personalities who completed their education from only girls colleges. So, these institutions in any way aren’t below the level of their co-ed contemporaries.

This comes as no surprise as according to MHRD’s 2017 college ranking, three prestigious girls college made it to the Top 10 and the college which came on top was none other than Delhi’s famous Miranda House, an all-women institution.

In case you happen to be a part of those brave and adventure seeking women clan and go to an all-girls institution, below are 8 things which will leave you shaking your head and saying same.

1. Who runs the world? Girls!

Since our Indian society is patriarchal in nature and as a girl you were often told girls aren’t good with technical stuff and they don’t even know how to replace a remote’s battery! (btw total b.s.)
Well, all these notions are broken once you enter an all-girls college.
Remember the first time you successfully turned off an entire college floor’s power so that you can skip giving your presentation and the professor thought it was a normal power cut 😉
The best thing about studying in a classroom with just fairer-sex is that sexism is stripped from the classroom teaching and Feminism finds its way.


P.S. Not to forget those well- informed classroom and canteen conversations regarding women empowerment and the issues.

2. Why should BOYS have all the fun?

Who said that only boys are the mischievous ones and girls couldn’t be naughty?
Well, ask your all-girls college friends and their stories will leave you rolling on the floor crying happy tears.
When it comes to playing pranks, there exists this one girl gang in college who is infamous (or famous you decide) for always taking “pangas” with the professors and others are secretly glad they are there because without them classroom time would be no fun.

3. Makeup Vs No Makeup

On some days you love it and rest of the days you loathe it.
Yes! basically, there are just two looks. One is the quintessential diva look where you are dolled up enough to make people believe you just straightway dropped from Vogue’s cover shoot and the other one is no “makeup-shakeup” a.k.a deglam “homeless beggar avatar” characterized by night suit, flip-flops, and a greasy hair bun, thanks to that early morning class which you can’t afford to miss because 75% attendance.
But, you can’t deny that this made you see people beyond their looks.

4. Healthy Competition

Apart from the jizz and jazz, studying in an all-girls college is quite very competitive. Everyone turns into a nerd when finals come knocking at the door. Studying with a bunch of talented and intelligent female species only pushes one to give their best and study.
How can you forget the walk to the library with your girl pals, the assignment making days? And neck to neck competition in every field from co-curricular activities, sports to food.
Yep! food too….Remember those gol-gappa competition days in the canteen?

5. Sisters before Misters!

Your girl gang always come first and bf always ends up being the last. Sometimes, you and your girl pals spend so much time together that there were rumours of you all being a lesbian gang at some point. (Yikes!). Whenever there is an emergency or your friend needed a shoulder to cry on (post-breakup scenario) you are always there for each other. When it comes to misters, the entire gang together checks out the guy who somehow lands on the college premises and then every single one of you rate his look :p

6. Girls Night Out

Most girls appreciate girls night out with their respective college mates but when you are a part of an all-girls college every single night out or even night-in is with your girl pals. From having a slumber party to staying out late roaming the streets of the city at night, You’ve done it all with your girl pals which include the booze induced shenanigans and endless attempts with Ouija board.

7. No filter!

Conversations in the hallway revolve around periods, body hair, sex and not to forget the overdose of cuss words. Your day-to-day discussions revolving around such topics don’t even make you wince anymore.
Added bonus- you can always find someone to borrow a sanitary pad from…or..share your PMS-ing symptoms with.

8. Female Friendships Forever

You prove those people wrong who always think women are jealous of each other and can’t be super close friends. Your close bond with this amazing bunch of women loaded with talent, brains and beauty 😉 is for life beyond college and you all are going to stick together with each other thick and thin!

But, you still can’t find the logic of having so many male washrooms on an all-girls college campus.