7 Reasons Why Indians Are Eager To Go For Higher Education!

A wand beholding powers of the universe,

Converts mirrors into windows;

Gives meaning to life and its verses.

Evokes an enlightened feeling,

The wand of the shape of pen,

The Spell - Education!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. It not only empowers you but also makes you aware of your potentials and caliber, in spirit and mind. Not only does it pave a way to carve your status in the society, but also, broadens your spectrum of thoughts. Nowadays, you cannot satiate yourself with an undergrad degree.

All of us know that the question of attaining a master’s degree has become inevitable. If you wish to break the shackles of stagnant growth, in your corporate life or hope to improve your financial status, you must go for it. However, in India, most of the people have personal motives, behind their zeal to attain higher and higher education.

Here are 7 reasons why Indians go for higher education!

1. Evading Marriage

Every Indian home seems to have bred a child, not to make them into scholars or learned individuals, but to get them married. If you are a girl and have completed your undergrad; you must have had witnessed marriage proposals pouring in from all sides. They say - ‘ hath peeley karne ka waqt aa gaya hai‘. It seems like the entire universe is conspiring you to get married. From ‘door ki mamis’ to ‘mausis’, they all tend to become soulmate hunters for you.

You feel like going undercover and finally, resort to attaining higher education so as to delay the husband/wife hunting process. It is a powerful tool and works wonders!

2. Sense Of Security

Many of you must have felt insecure at your current job profiles. Some fear layoffs due to the capsizing markets, whilst others realize - ‘this isn’t for me‘. Most of the Engineers tend to realize that it wasn’t their cup of tea after completing their 4 years. Being an Engineering senior year student, myself, I feel insecure about my status as the afore-mentioned. There are hordes of people like me, fearing the same. And here comes the scope of higher education, in the picture. The flexibility to completely turn the wagon of your future career prospects provides you the sense of security, required! You don’t feel lost or hopeless if your undergrad was insatiable as avenues, never die out.

3. I See Myself In Five Years as… Goals

Your Mind Palace has it all - your deeds of the past, the list of your crushes, crap from hither and thither and your entire future envisioned. When you read the titular - ‘I see myself In Five Years as…’, you must have completed the statement with either - a millionaire, a billionaire or maybe some kind of zillionaire.

I completed mine with a best-seller author. Mastering your skills and knowledge, varnishes your aspirations and make your dreams and goals realizable. Acquiring a master’s degree or Professional courses in the field you wish to carve your niche in, hones you towards becoming what you want to be.

4. Fitting In the Society

The urge to fit in and become the melting pot; triggers you to go for better and higher education, post-undergrad. No one wants to feel aloof or derailed from their surroundings. It’s like a status symbol for many people. Many of you are born with genes, writ with the zeal to become doctors. From your grand-grandfather to your father or siblings all are doctors. Didn’t you feel the need to become one too, to fit in? A Dr. before your name or your house plate etched, with the many degrees you have; is a matter of self-esteem too.  Who doesn’t want to be revered and looked upon as a well learned and confident person, in their present social setting?

5. To Become a Suitable Boy/Girl!

Not all of you go for higher education, to escape the overflowing marriage proposals. Some wish to become desirable applicants for the proposals. Marriage has become a gamble. The competition is tough as more and more millennials devour themselves into enhancing their social status. If you wish to find your match, you need to update yourself. Some people have shared their experiences on the same.

One of them was rejected by a man, as she didn’t have an MBA degree back then. With men, unless and until they have a lucrative package, they are not considered by families at all. Hence, most of them tend to go for higher education to fulfill the requisites of a ‘Suitable Groom’or a ‘Suitable Bride’.

6. To Quench The Thirst For Knowledge

Not all of you cringe for a hiked salary. For many of you study, to attain enlightenment and quench the thirst for knowledge. Literature has a character -  Dr. Faustus, who mortgaged his soul to acquire the secrets of the devil and the knowledge of the world. No one must do that, for sure. However, the inquisitiveness to chisel your existing knowledge is a rare yet profound reason, why Indians go for higher education. It’s what makes you feel complete and gives you that kick. Prof. V.N Pratibhan, from Chennai, holds not just 3 or 4 degrees, he has earned a mind-boggling 145 degrees in the span of 30 years. Well, that’s way beyond enlightenment, it’s Nirvana!

7. Ensure the Sustenance of The Progeny

We Indians, are family oriented. Whatever we do, is done keeping in mind the repercussions it will have on our parents or spouse or children. Everyone dreams of providing the best of luxury and comfort, they can muster, to their family members. You can never rule out the fact, that the first salary one earns, is spent in gifting things to their loved ones. Attaining a master’s degree in the desired field,  opens closed doors and creates more revenue generating opportunities. More remuneration, means more lineage property for the progeny, as one needs to replenish their inherited perks and patrimony.

Indians are Incredulously Incredible when it comes to their reasons behind something. We are not mere straightforward people. We have a zillion thoughts going within us when someone asks us anything. Who would know that we have sorted our future somewhat solid or somewhat bleak, with picturesque settings and Bollywood songs!!