~ Can someone fall in love with two people at the same time? ~

Falling in love is an all-consuming process.
You can’t stop thinking about the person;
you can’t sleep;
you loose appetite;
And life without his/her presence becomes next to impossible ;
unimaginable and you would sacrifice everything,
literally, everything to be with them, Forever.

But the question that crosses my mind is that, if true love completely takes us over, is it even possible to have those feelings for two people at the same time?

Is it even possible to divide your life between them?
Is it possible to be theirs at the same time without having to question yourself?

.Some people do claim that it’s not only possible but somewhat a necessity, because one person cannot possibly provide them everything they need or long for. Loving two people at a time may not be entirely infeasible, taking into consideration that the extra additional love would be based upon a totally different set of characteristics, thus making both the loves, complementary rather than contradictory.

Well, falling for two people at the same time seems possible on a rational level, but then the question that really needs to be answered is that, can love ever be considered rational?

Cuz, after all, almost all the people we see around are blindsided by love, which results in a kind of temporary insanity that not only defies attempts to assess it objectively but in some ways makes people emotionally unstable. A person caught in the throes of love can even go to an extent where he/she behaves like someone who is mentally ill or maybe under the influence of drugs.

But if you were to ask me if loving two people at the same time is possible?

I would say, “Yes, I think it is.” I said so because I have a friend who has experienced falling in love with two people at the same time. And that person was so stuck in the dilemma that it wasn’t really possible to decide as to whose side to choose and whom to hold on to? Result? The said person ended up losing both of them.

Talking about my perception, I am against it though. Why? Because somehow I think it is more of a selfish act. According to my belief, when you really fall for someone, with all of your heart, devoting literally all you have to offer and then some more, then you obviously cannot do it for two people at the same time.

Why? Because that one person is your MOON.

That one person is who gives you a reason to live,
a reason to believe,
a reason to smile,
a reason to celebrate,
a reason to get back to your feet after that fall,
a reason to be yourself, to love yourself.
And that person is not someone you can afford to share.
That person is yours.
All yours.
#WhimsicallYours! 💜