Friends with benefits: An unbiased opinion

Two friends who agree on having sexual relationship with no emotional attachments, is what urban dictionary calls as “Friends with Benefits”. While some might find this idea astounding and totally feasible, there are some who vehemently oppose it by saying, “There is always an STD-free way and free pornography available on internet, so the entire idea of having FWB and ruining the beautiful relationship called friendship is a moot point”.

Well, what-so-ever both the parties argue but we are here today declaring our stand as unbiased and largely fair on FWB.

People might feel that kicking off an FWB relationship is a lot of fun as you get to hook up with the person who understands you the most plus you are not at all answerable. That’s great!! But have you ever thought that IT is a hook up at the end of the day. And it is not important that the other person will be as detached as you are in that relationship. So to not end up with excessive emotional trauma at the end of the day, make sure that you follow these simple rules religiously.

  1. Know yourself inside-out

Before you get into anything, be clear about your intentions, make sure that you are not looking for any long-term arrangement and are rather happy with keeping the strings unattached.

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  1. Honesty will take you a long way

I understand that you guys are not looking for any emotional connect or commitment with each other. But come on, Transparency is the key to every relationship. Having a total cool girl/ cool boy attitude might not get you what you were looking for. Basically, talk in a neutral environment and voice out your demands and expectations too.

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3. Intermittent check of feelings

Now, one has to understand that feelings, emotions and human intentions are subject to change. One might think confident about having FWB in beginning but have qualms about the same later. So make sure that you keep a tight check on your feelings and don’t end up bartering emotional breakdown for sexual adventure.

  1. AND read on their feelings too

Apply the same rule; FEELINGS CHANGE. I know its all fun having sex with your buddy where all the inhibitions have taken a backseat but don’t forget to be human. Try and get an idea about your partner’s feelings too, talk about it if required. Make yourself available, and then only can you strengthen your trust, friendship, and vulnerability with each other.

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  1. Don’t you forget to use the protection

It’s obvious in FWB arrangements that either of you will be hooking up with multiple people. So just play safe, you don’t want to pull yourself into complicated situations. Let each of your partners know about your preferred birth control technique before starting off the ride.

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And lastly, some words of wisdom; don’t get swayed emotionally even if they are your best orgasms ever. Remember; don’t try to build an intimate relationship rather just concentrate on enjoying each other physically.