9th and 10th january 2016

Venue-Amrita School of Engineering,Bengaluru.

Amrita TBI Pitchfest is a platform for startups to showcase their ideas, qualify to receive a total seed investment up to USD 100,000 and get incubation space at Amrita TBI.



                                       SREENATH NJANESWAR

                                       (Head of Marketing Team)


1.)Describe your feelings as the head of marketing team of your Pitchfest.

I have 2 years working experience in a company in Bangalore.Then I joined Amrita college of engineering and I completed my first year in Amrita this November.It’s been a good year,marketing has increased since the day I joined. Amrita has been ranked 4th in the country among top prolific incubators by economic times.There is a great team work.Last year we incubated 29 startups and we are predicting more growth in the coming years.

2.)What got you interested to be a part of this organizing team?

Though working for a brand adds value but it’s a great challenge.When I joined Amrita was providing incubation to only 11 startups so we had to start from scratch .Mr. Snehal sethi(vice president of Amrita) is the main brain and the motivating factor for our work,he brought the team together and guided us on how to go about it.

3.)How did you plan this festival?Take us through the huge process in brief.

Till 2012 Pitchfest was an in house program and then in 2014 it became a signature event for startups .We invite startups and students to pitch their ideas in our Pitchfest. Last year we had around 400 applications ,out of which 90% were from startups.

4.)How did you select the organizing team?Any specific criteria?

The whole team of Amrita TBI coordinates to make the fest successful.The team is divided into verticals like-wifi and infrastructure,food and visitors, accommodation etc.

                                           PITCHFEST TEAM

5.)Organizing a massive event is always challenging.Tell us about the key challenges you faced organizing this event.

In 2015 pitch fest,we sat together,brainstormed and came up with all ideas so that Pitchfest could reach a new level.We improvised a lot to bring all startups in one place,and to have the best judges.

6.)How was your experience with college fever?

We partnered with the college fever in promotion last year and even for this year.In last years Pitchfest The college fever was the main source of applications which was really helpful.It was nice having them as our media partner last year,so this time we have again partnered with them.

7.)Finally,what advice would you give to other event/fest organizers?

I would like to say that don’t do any event single-handedly. Believe in your team and work together as a team.


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