The Arts and Photography Festival: Dyal Singh College



1.Describe your feelings as the event head of your fest Unison’16.
Its hard to put my feelings in words. It wasn’t the first time when I was heading an event but Unison’16 holds a special place in my life. I expected nothing out of unison but it has given me so much to cherish. The experiences I had and lessons I learned this time, they have moulded me for good. I had those tears of joy for the first time. I got to meet Ambassadors of few countries. It is an inexplicable experience.

2. What got you interested to be a part of this organizing team?
I was a volunteer in Unison’15. I knew the work from a different angle and I guess, I wanted to know the other side too. I love to explore and to experience different things.I love to challenge my limits. Besides, I just knew it that unison needs me as much as I need it.

3. How did you plan this festival?Take us through the huge process in brief.
Here, I would like to mention the person who was my backbone and supported me the most. Abdul kalam is the President of my college’s fine arts society. It was he, who motivated me to head Unison. He believed in me more than anyone else. Through out the planning, he helped me. Since, Unison was an international exhibition, planning process involved getting embassies on board and sponsors for the event. The work was delegated accordingly. We divided ourselves in different teams. I remember how difficult it was getting in touch with embassies. Every embassy has its own protocols and its own way of communication. I m grateful that my team was flexible and we shifted ourselves whenever needed. I totally believe that you always should have a plan B.

4.How did you select the organizing team?Any specific criteria?
Unison is a fest held up by fine arts and photography societies of the college. Members of these societies are supposed to work for it but many opt not to work. We had few volunteers who were not a part of any of these societies. They were interviewed before being a part of Unison. Did I mention, I do not belong to any of these two societies. I m a part of college debating and writing society and I volunteered in first unison. Journey from a volunteer to the head is definitely fascinating.


5.Organizing a massive event is always challenging.Tell us about the key challenges you faced organizing this event.
The key challenge ,when you work in a team of almost 150 people, is to get work done from people. To make people work is the most difficult task according to me. All can not be motivated to the same level after all. Also, maintaining a hierarchy in any college event is difficult. People would not listen you unless you are a step ahead them. We being students can not take decisions without consulting administration and teachers. Convincing them for big events/things is difficult because they need time which means we would have miss our classes.

6.How was your experience with college fever?
Experience with college fever was obviously amazing. We had other media sponsors too but I would really appreciate the efforts put by college fever. I was in touch with Avinash and he guided and helped me very well and yes, it is college fever only which remembers to appreciate students like me.

7.Finally,what advice would you give to other event/fest organizers?
I will give only one advice. When you work in a team and that too you are the head, I feel your work gets double. You have to assign work to others and have to do your share as well. As a leader you should not ask people to work for you but to seek help from them. If I myself is not working, I have no right to ask someone else to work for me.Also, I ll not advice but request everyone, not to quit ever. Its always worth in the end.

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