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Lectures and Demonstrations at Saarang’16

Saarang’s Lectures and Demonstrations has come to be regarded as the epitome of quality by the entire city of Chennai.Be it theatre,politics,journalism,social activism,literature or the social sciences,Saarang lectures have drawn successful speakers from all over the country and have been party to the intellectual insights imparted to the youthful audience.

Stephen Devassy is a keyboardist. Having started to learn to play keyboard since 5th standard, he used to perform in churches despite his small age. He did his first tour abroad while he was in the first year of his pre-degree, with the legendary singer Padmashree Hariharan.

His music programming skills give him a unique identity in the Tamil and Bollywood music scene. One of the most passionate musicians in the Indian music arena, Stephen Devassy is definitely someone to look up to for aspiring musicians.

Get ready to witness him this Saarang 2016 LecDems.
#Saarang #JourneyOfALifetime


Apsara Reddy, is the only transgender woman in the world to have helped National newspapers and have had successful radio and TV shows globally. She has headed Deccan Chronicle as its Senior Editor, The New Indian Express as its Features Editor and had successful chat shows on Thanthi TV network and on BBC World Service, London.

She has also been awarded the Jaguar Award for Excellence in 2013.
Her event management skills have been honed through multiple events including a massive event to launch a UNITED NATIONS campaign in India, hosting a MINI COOPER Fashion Party with Lady Gaga’s designer and many more!

Get ready to see her for this Saarang 2016 LecDems.
#Saarang #JourneyOfALifetime


The frontman of the popular Carnatic Progressive Rock Band, Agam, is also an able engineer. He was one of the first engineers to work on Adobe’s Flex platform, and went to also become their worldwide developer evangelist. Extraordinarily talented, versatilely skilled, Harish Sivaramakrishnan showcases a lot that we can learn from in life!
Mark your dates and get ready for the mind-blowing experience. Stay tuned and visit for further announcements.


We are glad to announce the next LecDems speaker coming down to Saarang this year, Karun Chandhok. He’s a part of very exclusive club of only two Indian Formula 1 drivers and has excelled in various forms of racing.
Mark your dates and get ready for the mind-blowing experience. Stay tuned and visit www.saarang.orgfor further announcements.


Tania Sachdev is a renowned chess player, who holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. Having started playing chess at the young age of six, she won her first international title at eight. There was no stopping her since, and
she has gone on to win numerous titles, and was also conferred the Arjuna Award in 2007. An inspiration to many, she is one of the most distinguished chess players in the country.

Comment on this post, if you have any questions to ask her during the LecDem. We will try to get all of these answered!
Don’t miss this opportunity to catch her at Saarang.


Terence Lewis is a popular dancer and choreographer, specializing in contemporary dance. He runs his ‘Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company’ in Mumbai, holds dance workshops both in India and abroad. He has choreographed several Bollywood films including Lagaan, Jhankaar Beats and Naach, apart from musicals, stage shows, ads, music videos and dance competitions. Among the nation’s most renowned in the field, Terrence is a must watch for aspiring choreographers and dance enthu people!
Comment on this post, if you have any questions to ask him during the LecDem. We will try to get all of these answered!
Don’t miss this opportunity to catch him at Saarang.


Sudhir started his stint in music as a beatboxer, but has extended his style since and has innovated a unique technique called fluteboxing, in which he plays the melody from flute and simultaneously beatboxes . He also plays harmonica and other instruments apart from flute. His achievements include reaching the semi-finals of India’s Got Talent and winning numerous accolades from competitions all over South India.
Varun Zinje, AKA Morchangwala, is a jaw harpist from Mumbai. He plays the Morchang, which is an age old musical instrument which has been around for more than 1500 years. It is a predecessor to similar instruments such as harmonica and harmonium. He has a YouTube channel where he has released some of his own compositions using the jaw harp and also has a loyal set of followers. He has performed at various musical shows all over the country and has also given a TedX lecture at Mumbai.
Catch them both in action at LecDems, Saarang, IIT Madras!


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