Linesurfer - Take the Robotic Challenge at VIT Vellore

The event consists of three rounds: first round: in this round the optimisation of the speed will tested. the bot will have to follow simple line. the points will be decided according to the minimization of the time. second round: in the round the optimization of the code will be tested. the bot will follow simple line .

The point will be decided by the distance traveled by the bot third round: this is gonna be the final mega round . there will be five gates on the line of the line follower bot. each participant will be given a magneto bot (the hand gesture bot).there ill be five points marked on arena the participant has to place the bot over the point before the line follower reaches the gate .if the participant is unable to do so then the gate will automatically get open after the bot reaches certain distance.

Event address: CS Hall, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India Ticket cost: 400 (its a team ticket. The team can vary between 1 to 4).

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