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About Business Story Telling

A one day experiential skill building workshop on the what, how and why of business storytelling.

By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

  1. become aware of the power of storytelling in business to build trust, generate emotion and inspire a call for action
  2. understand how stories make it possible - both consciously and subliminally - to communicate the most difficult messages to employees, customers, colleagues and the media
  3. recognize that stories build personal, product and service brands by lending both a personal touch and by building a universal resonance at the same time
  4. appreciate that while data, facts and figures can persuade, it is stories that will fire the imagination and stir the soul- thereby influencing actions and outcomes
  5. learn how our minds are genetically programmed to attach meaning to message and sharing emotive stories of best practices can make teams act in an agile fashion
  6. learn to tell vivid, dynamic and seamless stories that marry desired business vision & outcomes with expected actions and combine logic with intuition
  7. internalize the different elements of story telling - context, conflict, resolution; the process and different techniques
  8. be able to tell authentic, real stories - using mindset, skill-set and tool-set - that are not about perfection, but about making the connection with the audience
  9. comprehend that stories activate mirror neurons in the listeners mind predating feelings of empathy and identification with the story teller
  10. can be used a potent tool for consultative selling and making a case for a product, service or an idea without a seemingly vested interest in it