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About Shortcut Competition

A short film can be elaborated as "creative treatment of experience” inclusive of media device, content, form and production strategy. A film has the ability to bring forth the existing social issues of our society to the masses. Portrayals while making such media have the power to change the beliefs of the audience and can help fight many social issues. 

Through its film making competition “ShotCut”, Abhyuday IIT Bombay aims to encourage  the youth to come forward and showcase their talents by creating awareness in the society towards various social issues through this medium. 

Saturday | February 6th | 2016Shortcut Competition

1. The competition is a short film-making competition length, howPever teams will be penalized for not following the time limit (Please refer section: Judging Criteria ,below) 2. Time Limit: 4-10 minutes (including credits). Please note that film will not be judged on the basis of 3. Short film should necessarily go with at least one of the themes stated. The chosen theme must be mentioned with the submission. A supporting document on how the theme has been incorporated may be submitted (optional) 4. You need to make a live action film which covers aspects of story, script, screenplay, cinematography and editing. However, an emphasis will be given to the overall impact too 5. Subtitles are required in case of use of languages other than English/Hindi. If a small section uses some other language then please add subtitles even for that. A penalty will be imposed if this is not followed. Decision regarding this will be according to judges’ discretion. In case of doubts please clarify beforehand.


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Phone : 9975396484

Email : shrutimadavi1108@gmail.com

Website : http://bit.ly/abhyudaycompi

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