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Cybernova'16 is a National Level Technical Symposium organized by the Department of CSE, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology. From the technical wizards who can cook up the latest technology in their garage to the hidden leaders who will rule the world one day, Cybernova has everything to entertain and challenge you. Prepare yourself to battle against the smartest geeks from various institutions around the country. Its excellent platform to exhibit your talents, learn from the experience and most importantly to enjoy yourself during the process. We have a wide variety of events that will test your knowledge, attitude, out-of-the-box thinking capabilities and technical skills too. Do these sound kind of sober? Don't worry! We have a lot of fun events like gaming, on the spot events, treasure hunt to name a few. The winners of the events will get the cash prizes and certificates provided by our institution.

 We are the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes. But we are also a small band of thoughtful, committed, citizens who believe in bringing the change even in the trivial things we do. Wanna be a part of our band? All you got to do is register yourself for Cybernova on March 17, 2016. Out of Rs.200, the enrollment fee you pay, Rs.10 will be donated to charity. We are the change! Come, Be the change!

 Tick Tock! The clock's ticking. So what are you waiting for? Navigate through the website and register yourself for the events.
 We will meet you on 17th of March.



Sugunapuram, Kuniamuthur P.O. , Coimabatore-641 008 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone : 9500233737

Email : vigneshwaran7733@gmail.com

Website : http://cybernova16.com/

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