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About International Conference On Nanoscience And Nanotechnology For Energy Applications - EAPP-2016

The EAPP-2016 will serve as an exciting forum to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from Renewable Energy, Fuels and Combustion, Nuclear Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage, Energy Modelling and Simulation, Energy Management, Energy and Environment and Emerging Energy Technologies in energy production, storage and distribution. The Conference aims to bring together experts from Academia, Research Institutes and Industries around the world to take stock of current status in every aspect of energy innovation and energy alternatives and have brainstorming sessions to set guidelines for prospective, sustainable and safe energy system for the future.


Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone : 44 - 2450 3065

Email : info@eapp2016.com

Website : www.eapp2016.com

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