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About FLIGHT'16

  • Drawing the most brilliant technical minds across the nation towards MIT ANNA UNIVERSITY, FLIGHT is one of the most creative Technical Symposium in the field of Aerospace Engineering.

  • FLIGHT thus unravels the hidden talents, develops healthy relations amongst the future scientists of our nation and above all, kindles the spirit of curiosity.

  • Conducting 14+ Mega Events, Workshops

  • Event Details/Highlights


    1. Ansys ADPL & Ansys CFX
    2. Unmanned Air Vehicles
    3. UAV Autopilot Programming Workshop by Maavan Unmanned Systems
    4. Jets (Flow Visualisation)
    5. Composites
    6. RC Plane
  • Technical events

    1. Air Crash Investigations
    2. Paper Presentation
    3. Technical Quiz
    4. Flight Simulator
    5. Boomerang
    6. Bottle Rocketry
    7. RC Plane
    8. CAD Modelling
    9. Paradive
  • Non-Technical events

    1. Treasure Hunt
    2. Connexions
    3. LAN Gaming