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About Workshop For Beginners On 'Graphite Realism'

 The workshop will be for beginners

Process of Learning : 

  • Drawing free hand with strokes like parallel lines, parallel curves, circles, curves etc.,
  • Drawing various shapes & objects by slicing them into 4 equal parts, initially to attain symmetry
  • Putting some basic shading &  learning blending like spheres, prisms, cubes, cuboids etc.,

  • Drawing the objects with free hand to attain the actual size.

  • Drawing the objects from photos/print outs (not from other drawings, but from mother nature)

  • Shading and blending the objects with proper light and dark tones which helps you understand the properties of light on various textures, objects etc.

  • Drawing the objects by measuring the sizes using pencil.

  • Now shading and blending the objects with proper tones.

  • Drawing from real life i.e, real objects are placed in front, where measurement of object is taken and drawn using pencil.

  • Observation of light effects, shading & blending accordingly & instilling some life into the work.