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"Virat Kohli is normal and traditional, AB Devillers is a freak."

The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College brings to you its innovative Dream Team Bidding Competition, "Hit-Wicket : Manage to Win."

Date : 11th February 2016
Time : 11:30 AM
Venue : Auditorium
Registration Link : http://goo.gl/forms/JvPQzlNVhj

Well, Yuvi is back and so are we with mind boggling twists and turns in this creative bidding competition.

Build a team, get the chemistry right, choose your home stadium and trade players. There's much more than just bidding!

Get your think tanks ready. Learn to strategize and manage simultaneously!

Register now in teams of two and step in the boots of a manager.

1,2,3.. BID OUT LOUD... SOLD!

For Queries Contact :

Shubham Goel : +91 97112 41000
Shubham Sodani : +91 84472 53710


Malkhaganj chowk Hansraj College, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Phone : 9560641282

Email : souravagarwal633@gmail.com

Website : www.fb.com/fic.hrc