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About International Conference On Computer Vision And Image Processing 2016

About Events

International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing 2016 organized by Indian Institute of Technology which will be held from February 26 2015 to February 28 2016. It will act as a major forum for the presentation of technological progresses and research outcomes in the area of Image processing and Computer vision and serve as a platform for exchanges between academic and industry professionals

Topics for CVIP 2016 include, but are not limited to:
=> Image/Video Processing and Analysis
=> Image/Video Formation and Display
=> Image/Video Filtering, Restoration, Enhancement and Super-resolution
=> Image/Video Coding and Transmission
=> Image/Video Storage, Retrieval and Authentication
=> Image/Video Quality
=> Transform-based and Multi-resolution Image/Video Analysis
=> Biological and Perceptual Models for Image/Video Processing
=> Machine Learning in Images/Videos Analysis
=> Probability and uncertainty handling for Image/Video Processing
=> Motion and Tracking
=> Segmentation and Recognition
=> Shape, Structure and Stereo
=> Computational Photography and Videography
=> Saliency, Attention and Eye Movement in Images/Videos
=> Biomedical Image Analysis
=> Geosciences and Remote Sensing
=> Biometrics
=> Document Image Analysis
=> Visual Multimedia


Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India

Phone : +91-1332-28-5904

Email : info@thecollegefever.com

Website : http://www.cvip2016.org/

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