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About Impressions 2016

Impressions 2016 is a Annual Techno-Cultural Festival Organized by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology which is to be held from 6th to 7th February.
Fantasia,the theme of Impressions, is all about fantasies. From every superhero that you worship to every TV Series character you admire, Impressions this year is about what you fantasise of becoming. So choose your superhero and make sure its unique because you want to stand out from the crowd. 
The two day festival will have a large gathering of above 6000 students with attendees including not only in-campus students but also from other NCR colleges. Impressions is one of the biggest college festivals across the Delhi-NCR, it has turned out to be a huge success over the years having witnessed the presence of celebrities like Yo Yo Honey Singh, RDB, K.K., Kailash Kher with Kailasa Band, Euphoria, Parikrama, Bombay Rockers, Neeraj Sridhar and Faridkot,Vh1 Supersonic and the local train band.

Impressions 2015 was held from 21st _22nd March. It witnessed an enormous turnout, with around 6000 students from Delhi-NCR and across the country, dancing on to the beats of Vh1 Supersonic campus.


It is a pulsating festival with an array of events including pro-nights, fashion shows, panel discussions, talk shows, theme- walk, programming contests, robotics, choreography, creative challenges, B-plan competitions, street plays and much much more.

As the name suggests, Impressions is all about exuberance, enthusiasm, and energy. This stimulating event is looked forward to throughout the year. It is not only a channel for self evaluation, but it also is a pedestal, that serves the purpose of experience and endurance.

In all Impressions is that event which makes college life worthwhile when everyone treads on the same path towards a common goal. When everyone gets together and sets into the ‘relaxed’ mode to enjoy the most memorable days of their life-the college life, to the fullest.