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About Kashiyatra

We started off with trying to be the effervescent cultural extravaganza, which would rob India’s artistic souvenir of its heat with feverish clash of proficiency and loftier than flamboyant nights. And that is precisely what we became. But then it struck us, we did not need to compete.

We are Kashi. We are born out of the soil that breeds culture. To the oldest nucleus, which unfurled its holy vermilion to color India in art, music, religion and literature, is where KashiYatra belongs.

From the glories of Rama and realms of Gorgon and Medusa to the ferocious exaltations of Themistocles, KashiYatra is back, this time to celebrate the hymns of Kashi, to let you see beyond the cordons of belief, and expedition into what lies outside of the walls of certainty. 2016 shall witness Kashi reborn in the demesnes of Mythology.

Behold! The heroes rise again. Breathe the gallantry, strength, rectitude, and fortitude that bleeds itself into the air and let the blaze make room in your soul, to witness the largest Festival that has ever been drawn in your mind.

KashiYatra’16 invites you to savor the crux of ‘a city that will leave a mark on your heart’.

HAR HAR MAHADEV!  Welcome to the land of myths!

Thursday | February 18th | 2016Event(s) | Registration

Thursday | February 18th | 2016Event(s)+Pro-Nights | Registration

Thursday | February 18th | 2016Event(s)+Pro-Nights+Accommodation | Registration

Thursday | February 18th | 2016Kolkata/Delhi Zonals | Registration (Road Trip)

Registration fee per band.


IIT (BHU), Varanasi Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone : (91) 96 21 488 321

Email : akondi.rteja.mec12@iitbhu.ac.in

Website : www.kashiyatra.org

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