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FOODZILLA, from its inception has been a time of joy,fun and happiness on the occasion of WORLD FOOD DAY.As NIFTEM marches into its 4th year. FOODZILLA follows suit. This is the second year when FOODZILLA will be happening in NIFTEM Campus.Therefore, we intend to conduct FOODZILLA 2k15 as un untra-college fest.All the students as well as teachers w...


Event Schedule

Friday | October 16th | 2015CLASH OF THE DEBATEAN | Food Zilla

Speech is to persuade , to compel , to convert Speech is a power If you think you are powerful enough..Here is your chance ..to prove your point. Presenting CLASH OF THE DEBATEANS at FoodZilla 2015 A Debate Competition to unleash the opinionated , the persuasive YOU..!!!! Form a team of 2 and REGISTER !!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 13:00-14:00

Friday | October 16th | 2015FOOD-O-PEDIA | Food Zilla

Everybody surely loves food but how much do we actually know about the food we eat ???? Let's have a reality check Presenting FOOD­E­PEDIA at FoodZilla 2015 A Food Quiz , to put your knowledge about the food you eat to a test , and you may learn some new interesting facts too...Form a team of 2 and REGISTER ..!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 16:30-17:30

Friday | October 16th | 2015FOOD HUNT | Food Zilla

LET THE HUNT BEGIN Presenting FOOD HUNT at FoodZilla 2o15.A treasure that will bring out the sherlock in you...Form a team of 5 , Choose a team leader and REGISTER ..!!!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 6:00 A.M

Friday | October 16th | 2015Taste Trick | Food Zilla

If we close your eyes and tie your hands ..would you still be able to guess the ingredients of your favourite food ???Let us see..Presenting TASTE TRICK at FoodZilla 2o15 A food tasting comepetition , use your taste buds and tell us the ingredients ..REGISTER...!!!!

Event Time: 17:00-15:30

Friday | October 16th | 2015CHEF GURU | Food Zilla

They've proved their mettle with the chalks and markers ,Its time to put their skills with the karchis and karahis to a test..Presenting CHEF GURU at FoodZilla 2o15 A never before..induction cooking competition only for our respected teachers !! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 11:30-13:00

Friday | October 16th | 2015TISSUE ISSUE | Food Zilla

The tissues we use to clean up mess can be put to a better use.Ever imagined ???Presenting TISSUE ISSUE at FoodZilla 2015 A competition without theme , you have a bunch of colourful tissue put them to use to form something spectacular.Form a team of 2 and REGISTER..!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 13:15-14:15

Friday | October 16th | 2015ENERGY SAVIOUR FOODIE | Food Zilla

With the world's energy resources depleting , its time to change our ways too Lets have a glimpse of how yummy food can be without a cooking medium..Presenting ENERGY SAVIOUR FOODIE at FoodZilla 2015 A cooking without fire competition , that will leave your taste buds craving for more.Form a team of 2 and REGISTER..!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time: 18:30-19:30

Friday | October 16th | 2015Style Chef | Food Zilla

Put on your creative hats and get ready to turn uninteresting foods luring and attractive. Presenting STYLE CHEF at FoodZilla 2o15 A food designing competition for the creative minds. Form a team of 3 and team leader registers....!!! ONLY TEAM LEADER NEEDS TO REGISTER ..!!!!!!

Event Time:14:45-15:45

Friday | October 16th | 2015Foodography | Food Zilla

Make your camera ready to click the beauty of food. Presenting Food Photography Competition at FoodZilla 2015. One photograph per participants. Photograph should be sent to email id: kalakriti.finearts@gmail.com till 14th October, 11:59 P.M.

Friday | October 16th | 2015Unavailable | Food Zilla



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