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About PEGASUS 2016

PEGASUS is one of the largest fests in the southern terrain of India. With different colleges from all over India being invited for this event, PEGASUS 2016, the latest of this age old spectacle is gonna be BIGGER and BETTER, because small is just not how we roll. Invigorating entertainment, mind-boggling cultural and literary events, heart pumping sports, and a lot more to look forward to. Its time to unleash the Pegasus in you.

The events are as follows:

A. COGNITIO: (14th & 15th July)

 The Annual Research Symposium where students from all over India have the opportunity to come and present their research work before a panel of creditable jury and compete with other equally passionate budding researchers. Eminent keynote speakers and case presentation by the British Medical Journal add to the charm. 

B. EPIDAURIA: (16th July)

The annual Medi-quiz at CMC Vellore is the ultimate forum for testing ones mettle and crossing swords with the best of the best. Its the ultimate conglomerate of knowledge, wit and analytical skills.

C. PEGASUS: (18th to 23rd July)

  • SPORTS  (18th to 23rd July)

    With all eyes etched at you. Your own set of ears perceiving nothing but two sounds – the cheering crowd and the pumping heart; it is this ultimate moment that a sportsperson cherishes for a lifetime. Exhilarating, exciting and electrifying. At Pegasus Sports we give you the opportunity to re-live the passion, to pace past your competitors and make that final move to victory. Come and experience Sports like never before.

  • CULTURAL, LITERARY & FINE ARTS (21st to 23rd July)

    If you can’t help the wheels of your brain from churning, if you have crazy ideas and want to sew them into words, if your wordplay has the might to stand out then this is the arena for you. Come and bag it all as you go ahead in the clash of words. There’s Dumb Charades, Pictionary, Potpourri, GK Quiz, 90 seconds, Debate, Essay Writing and lots more.

  • MUSIC & DANCE (21st to 23rd July)

    It doesn’t take just talent to be an artist. A true performer is one who nestles passion inside his heart, not one to win but one to redefine the true meaning of music to the world. Be it in the tap of his foot or the chord of his strings, it is music that is his guiding light. So open the doors to your mind and soul and let the magic unfold. Lights, Sounds, Action!

  • MWHA (20th to 22nd July)

    It is  a one of a kind MUN in India, where the focus is on global health issues. In the one and only MUN organized by a medical college, we strive to create world leaders of tomorrow by giving students a chance to tackle international health problems and crises that perplex the finest diplomats and medical professionals of the current era.


  • The rendezvous spot for you when you have spare time at hand with lots of games like Paintball, Counter Strike, Mini Golf, Remote Car Racing and many more. Our Food  Court provides you the world on a platter. With delicacies from Vellore, Bangalore and Chennai all in one place, we will make sure you don’t leave without licking your fingers.


Christian Medical College, Thorapadi, Bagayam, Vellore 632002, Tamil Nadu, India Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone : +91 7358936689

Email : pegasusbatch2016@gmail.com

Website : www.pegasuscmc.in

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