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About Photo Story Competition

A Photo Story must ontain a series of photos with a short write-up depicting the story behind the photos. Acknowledging the infallible footprint of social media in our lives, we shall be displaying the best collections onto the social media in addition to an exhibition during Annual Social Festival at IIT Bombay to be held on 6th and 7th February, 2016.The results will be announced post-exhibitions. 


Cash prize of INR 3000


 Participant should be a College student holding a valid college ID card


Please register yourself before making any submission.One person can send a maximum of 3 entries however only one entry is liable to hold a position.Entries are to be mailed to us in a zip folder(compressed folder) titled with your name e.g “ Sai_Varma”.The compressed folder should contain:

  1. The series of photos named 1,2,3 in the sequence.

  2. The write up of maximum 200 words.

  3. The photograph/scanned copy of your college ID card.


sac iit powai,mumbai SAC, IIT Area, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Phone : 9975396484

Email : shrutimadavi1108@gmail.com

Website : http://bit.ly/1JR8NON