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About Purple Fever 2016

A stimulation of red and the tranquility of blue blend in Purple, a color which tantalizes one’s senses to win in the game of life. Purple Fever - The annual management festival of MILE will evoke the meaning of enchantment, enigma, royalty and spirituality.

This year’s theme for Purple Fever - “Mahabharata” a synonym for Indian epic. It reveals the biggest mysteries of human kind, a story of conflicts between good and evil, love and hatred, trust and woes.

After sky rocketing registrations last year from more than 6000 students, this year “best” is back again with a bang! Be out there to go completely crazy by the euphonious music and rocking beats. Lose yourself, forget your senses and be the 'soulful you' to enjoy your fullest in the 3-day culture-management festival.

The event draws participants not only from within Pune but also colleges from all over India. The event features a gamut of cultural, management and sports events. Purple Fever will invoke in you a tireless want for more, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, wisdom and passion. So be ready to sparkle the purple on your soul and get drenched with its energy.

So let’s get empurpled!


MILE Tower, GAT no 726, Pune-nagar road, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra 412207

Phone : 7722019410

Email : devendra.rathod@mile.education

Website : http://milepurplefever.com/

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